More than 10 years in China


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About us

ASK China Consultants
is a Spanish
-Italian company based in Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan province, but which operates throughout China. Our main activity is technical assistance in foreign trade with China. We have particular experience in the development of consulting services, acting as trade agents and in quality control services related to the export and import of any kind of products from or to this Asian market. 

We manage all aspects of import / export from China: location of suppliers, negotiation, organisation of business trips and visits to trade fairs, quality control, logistics and other complementary services. 

We control the quality of the products you buy in China, before, during and after the production process ends. Among other services, we give you:  control of accessories, fittings and components, materials, finishing, packaging, labelling and shipping of the merchandise. 

We facilitate the introduction of foreign products into the complex Chinese market, offering to our clients the following services: searching for distributors both in demarcated territorial areas as well as throughout China, control and tracking of sales, logistics and technical support, marketing, participation in specialist trade fairs and any other service required by those companies interested in offering their products in this giant Asian market. 

Why work with ASK China Consultants?

Because it is a company formed by a team of qualified professionals with specific training in the field of foreign trade, with long practical experience in China and a meticulous knowledge of its market and the way of doing business in this country.

Because it is a company capable to understand the needs of customers that belong to different sectors such as food and beverages, machinery and industrial products, medical equipment, pharmaceutical, consumer goods etc...

Because we knew how to adapt to the requirements of customers in three continents collaborating with companies in Italy, Spain, China, Portugal, Netherlands, Greece, Bulgaria, USA, Dominican Republic, and Brazil.

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