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Services to importers


In order to continue being competitive in the context of an ever more demanding global economy, more and more companies are deciding to buy different goods in China with a view to reducing their cost base. These goods vary from raw materials to finished products. 

With the prime objective of the expected cost saving not impacting negatively the quality of the final product, ASK China Consultants offers to its customers a wide range of services related to the purchasing process in the Chinese market. These range from searching for suppliers to the delivery of the merchandise to the final destination point and include, among others, the following:

- Searching for suppliers

- Verification that your partner in China is registered in Industry and Commerce Bureau.

- Inspection of factories.

- Quotations for standard and customized products.

Negotiation of prices and conditions for the required quality of products.

Tracking of orders

Quality control

- Analysis of samples in laboratories and certifications (CE, FCC, RoHS etc..) in China.


- Organisation of business trips and visits to specialist trade fairs.

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