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Quality control

Quality control of Chinese made products has a clear short-term objective, which is to guarantee to our clients that the merchandise that does not fulfil the quality standards previously defined by them are not dispatched, thus avoiding the consequent increase in costs and problems in the subsequent commercialization of the products. Furthermore, quality control of the merchandise prior to its import meets a very important long-term objective since from the analysis of quality issues together with the supplier, we can help to identify the solutions necessary to correct these problems in the future in the initial manufacturing process. 

According to the individual requirements of a given product or client, quality control can be done at various stages of the production process or just once it is finished. It can focus not only on the product itself but also on the raw materials, the accessories, the components, the packaging, the labels, etc… Likewise, quality inspections are developed to fit the methodology agreed with the client: control of measurements, weight, visual and tactile controls, a technical test of operations and all those that could be needed in order to guarantee to the importer the level of quality of the product. 

For exporters aiming to market their products in China, our company can advise on the necessary legal and quality requirements for their merchandise.



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